Wednesday, January 04, 2006

the calm after the storm

So New Years is over and things are getting pretty boring around here. I spend my time at work counting down the minutes until I am out of there and suprisingly I don't get interupted that much in my counting. Today was the day of the crazies. I swear almost every guest I dealt with today had "issues". One lady was litterally talking to herslef (which she hadn't done when I checked her in) and she told me that god was confused and I need to let him know that I think he's doing a good job. Then she proceeded to tell me that she created everyone and everything in the room. WACKO!!! I had to try really hard not to laugh because I couldn't believe what I was dealing with. There were other nuts today but nothing compared to this one lady. So I'm going to try and relax and prepare myself for another day at the nut house.


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Chris said...

YeaH!!!!! Katie Has a BLOG. I'm so glad you joined us in the fun world of blogging. Sorry about having to deal with the wack jobs.


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